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Nasser Hussain vs Shane Warne in the Grand Slam Challenge

发布时间:2019-11-01来源:Uniwin Chemical Co., Ltd.

Nasser Hussain attempted to salvage a British sporting pride as the Set took on the Grand Slam Challenge ahead of the Solheim Cup.

The pair took out time from their commentary on the Ashes string to fight to their own golf prowess for bragging rights, but who'd adapt to attempt to hole a putt?
The challenge, suitably, starts with a cricket bat in place of a putter, and Warne and Hussain try to pit outside while wearing gloves, using a kick, and while sporting a driver's helmet.
Can both of the former captains locate the target? Can Nasser hit the ball hard enough to get into the hole?
View the video above to find that latest variant of the Grand Slam Challenge. And do not miss extensive coverage of this week's Solheim Cup on Sky Sports - only at the fourth and fifth Ashes Test at The Oval as well as Gleneagles.

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Nasser Hussain vs Shane Warne in the Grand Slam Challenge